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Nate - Movement BE

What a pleasure it's been styling Nate Howard of Movement BE. A true leader in his craft being recognized as one of NBC's top leaders under 28 years old. 

Nate is inspiring change in the world. In today's society, we are all a number in the system, put into a box which is limiting our purpose. Nate is helping today's youth find their purpose and tell their story before someone else does. Be on the look out for his Movement BE app launching on May 13th. Join the movement by telling your story before they do...Click Learn More.

Michael S - A True Gentleman

Today's mission was to bring Michael's essence alive in his new headshot. A little about Michael- he is a blast from the past, paying homage to the classic all-Americana era known as the 50's. A time when men were full of style, class and etiquette. An era when men said please and thank you, put others before themselves and knew how to wield a hammer. Hats off to Michael for being a true gentleman and bringing back a classic era.

Jenney - The Comedian

Jenney was the perfect client,  a lover of fashion and art that just needed some guidance. She was looking for something that said professional yet feminine. Let's get started!

To begin the day I booked an appointment for a fresh new haircut with the one and only Ember (Click here to learn more about Ember). 
After discussing what Jenney was looking for Ember took several inches off, added layers and fuller bangs. The first step was complete now onto Fashion Valley.

 We headed to Jenney's favorite store, Anthropology to see what she typically would buy on a trip to the mall. Steering her away from her everyday buying habits we went to several other stores. At the end of the day, Jenney bought two amazing outfits that can be mixed and matched for the equivalent of two shirts at Anthropology. Jenney reported that the first day she wore her new wardrobe to work everyone noticed her new look and loved it. Mission accomplished! 



"I am a busy woman with very little time to make my outfits look effortless. I knew I had to amp up my style but had no idea where or how to begin. Michael definitely guided me in the right direction. My main goal was to dress professionally but easily transition to a casual style after work. Michael educated me with the proper layering and fitting of my petite size. My fashion views have changed and I am very grateful for his help!"

- Jenney


Meet my client, Tunde. Our goal is to improve his professional image and social media branding. 

Toby - MB Styles Kids Edition

Jeremy - Prom King

It's prom season, which means Jeremy needs to dress his best for his high school sweetheart. Searching for Jeremy's first suit, we want to find quality, but not break the bank. We started at J.Crew with an Italian wool suit. This suit will make him the best dressed young man at prom and will serve him well for future special occasions. Adding dimension to the look, we chose the Ludlow navy gingham dress shirt and paired it with a inexpensive ribbed silk navy tie from Zara. While at Zara, we also scooped a pair of dark brown wingtips to finish the look. Jeremy's finished look wins best dressed at prom and will be sure to receive complements at future events. Cheers!

Beau - The Yuppie

Beau's current wardrobe consists of hipster attire from Urban Outfitters and H&M. Over the past year, Beau has grown professionally and wants his wardrobe to reflect his latest successes. Aiming for the Young Urban Professional look, we started at J.Crew, where we created outfits that are both versatile and timeless allowing him to dress up or down while keeping him catalog worthy for every occasion. Enjoy!  

"I always thought I had a sense of style, but recently realized I have been dressing the same since college. I met Michael and was really impressed with how he dressed. He was stylish and still dressed in a masculine way. 

I wanted to pull off the same look but had no idea where to start. Michael has helped me find a new sense of style that I am immediately comfortable with and has really helped me step up my game."


                       Before                                             After