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Fashion Stylist

San Diego

Greg Martin Testimonial



"My story: When I met Michael, I was divorced and lacked knowledge on how to dress to impress. I would simply wear whatever my wife had told me to wear, because I really didn't care that much. "If she picked it out, that should be enough, right?"  I was under the impression that just plain old jeans and a collared shirt meant formal. Maybe I'd wear a suit if it was a wedding but even then my clothes didn't look the best. Well, needless to say that relationship didn't work out, probably in part due to my inability to look stunning. 

I reached out to Michael for two reasons. 1. I wanted to look stunning and make women go "DAAAANNNNNNNGGG!!!!". 2. I wanted to dress professionally so my clientele would take me very seriously and know that I was very serious about my business. My previous style of dress did NEITHER of those things, and my love life (or lack thereof) and career were suffering because of it. 

Enter MB Styles. The first service I picked with Michael was the shopping spree (think Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrel in Crazy, Stupid, Love). I'm sure you can figure out who was Ryan and who was Steve ;). The first thing he did is have me send him a bunch of pics of outfits that I would wear currently so he could get an idea of what my style was. Then when we went shopping in Fashion Valley, he already had outfits picked out for me and set aside by the employees so we didn't waste any time searching for the right clothes. That was huge for me. It showed he really respected my time. We tried on a ton of clothes to see what worked and what didn't and I ended up buying several new outfits and a new suit as well. By the end of the day, I had a great amount of new outfits, and I was educated on how to wear them (these pants with this shirt, but not that shirt, etc.)

The second service I used Michael for was the wardrobe consultation. He came over to my house and spent several hours with me going through my clothes and helping me purge the stuff that I no longer wore. We dumped three big thrash bags full of stuff which he donated to charity. This made my closet much more efficient so I don't waste my time staring at clothes that I'd never wear. This saves me time, and prevents me from wearing those ugly old clothes. Now my closet looks phenomenal and organized. Also, he took a bunch of photos of outfits laid out on my bed that he sent me so I can look at those as a reminder of what are good outfits to wear. This was super helpful because my memory is terrible. 

So, whether you're just looking for some slight upgrades to your wardrobe or a complete overhaul like myself, Michael is your man."- Greg Martin