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Gents- Size Matters

Michael Burton

It's true, size matters and fit is everything. No matter how much you spend on your clothing the fit is always crucial. Whether it is a suit, sports coat, jeans or a t-shirt make sure you have the proper fit. Let's take a look at the proper fit for a sports/suit jacket.

Sharp as a knife

A well-fitted sports jacket is one of the greatest weapons in a mans arsenal. However, if you are buying sports jackets that are too big and or too small, you are bringing a butter knife to a sword fight. Let's sharpen our blades, gentlemen.


The seam needs to touch the end of your shoulder. If it goes over your shoulder it is too big. If it is bunching it is too tight. The fit of your shoulders is crucial, because it is not easy to alter causing it to be quite expensive.

Sleeve Length

The sleeves should be one inch above of your hand, and end at the top of your wristbone. This allows for your shirt cuff to show a quarter inch to a half inch, and also showcases your watch.


The easiest way to fit the chest of your jacket, is to put your hand on your chest with the jacket buttoned. Next, make a fist and the fabric should tighten. 

Is it too tight? Make sure you can button the jacket. The lapels should not bunch when buttoning. If it does, you will need to go up a size and have your jacket tailored.

Is it too big? Pull the right side of the jacket over the left, this will determine how much excess fabric you have. Ideally, you want to have a quarter inch to half an inch depending on your build, as well as how slim fit you want the jacket. If you have excess material don't worry this is a common alteration.

Jacket length:

Ludlow Suit

Ludlow Suit

The bottom of the jacket should rest on the middle of the buttocks, where it begins to slope down or for some curve around. Steer clear of a jacket that completely covers your butt or that is above the break. Remember, keep it near the middle to the bottom of the hump and you will be good.

Follow these simple rules to have a well-fitted sports jacket, and look sharp as a knife!

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