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Fashion Stylist

San Diego


Nike's and Rattlesnakes

Michael Burton

Over the holidays, I made a long overdue trip up to LA to visit my brother from another mother, David. I have never been on a real hike, so I decided now was the perfect time. Thirty feels like the perfect year to start tackling the never have I ever/bucket list.

David gave me the option of easy to hard. Of course, I chose the more difficult option for my first time. We took a scenic drive up the Angeles National Forest, which was curve after curve making me wish I was driving a Porsche 911. Meanwhile, the elevation continued to climb while the temperature was continuing to drop when finally we came across an info center displaying a map.


We stop and get out to find that we're at 5,200 feet and it's 40 degrees out. Oh and we were wearing shorts; good thing we're from Buffalo, NY (that didn't help at all). After glancing at the map, we drive up another 300 feet to our hiking trail, Devil's Canyon. The adventure started with a narrow trail hugging the side of the mountain, eventually panning out to display several stunning views. 

After 8 miles, we made it from top to bottom and back up in about three hours. In the back of my mind, while in the thick of it, I was thinking what would happen if one of us were to get bit by a rattlesnake? We don't have a cellphone signal and we're about two hours out... You're supposed to suck the venom out and pee on it, right?! Or is that a jellyfish? Either way, you should probably try both. I'm hoping it never comes to that. Nonetheless, it was an amazing journey and I am still alive! Thank you, David.