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Make A Lasting Impression In 10 Seconds

Michael Burton

Lasting Impression.jpg

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression." - Will Rogers

What comes to mind when you look at the gentlemen shown above? Whether it's in person or an online profile, people create first impressions quickly. 

The Harvard Study of Communications conducted a study finding that first impressions last an average of 7 seconds. More importantly, the study revealed that the biggest impact left is nonverbal. 

55% of first impressions are based on appearance. From the clothes you wear, all the way down to your fingernails. Remember, everything you wear means something. If it’s not helping you, it’s hurting your image.

MB Styles has listed the 7 areas to focus on regarding your image, and to create a great first impression.

First Impression Image Checklist:


1. Attitude

2. Posture 

3. Clothing

4. Hands

5. Hair

6. Accessories

7. Hygiene





COLLEGE TO CORPORATE: What To Wear For Your Interview

Michael Burton

The semester is nearing its end. Seniors will soon walk to celebrate their accomplishments and toss their caps to close this momentous chapter. The next chapter is full of challenges and growth. In order to be prepared to enter the workforce, MB Styles has put together affordable options to help you feel confident and composed in your interviews that will pave the way to your career.   

P.S. The recommended color to wear on your first interview is Navy. Cheers!


1. Clean and trim fingernails
2. Pluck/wax unibrow
3. Trim nose hairs
4. Fresh haircut
5. Iron shirt
6. Polish and buff dress shoes
7. Shirt tucked with belt
8. Belt should match shoes
9. No gum
10. Phone silenced

The Secret of Productive Mornings

Hanna Tischer

How often do you wake up in the morning scrambling to figure out what to wear? By the time you get out the door you’re stressed and running late. What’s the best way to get out of this perpetual rut? The obvious answer is to wake up early. Yes, waking up in the morning and following a step by step process to make sure you are prepared for your day is essential. But have you thought about what makes this morning routine so productive? The answer is planning your morning the night before. By investing time before bed to organize for the following day you can avoid the stress of morning decisions and shorten the time you take to get ready. In turn, you will be in a position to be more punctual which will help maintain a positive mindset. 

Research studies often provide lengthy nightly routines which can be overwhelming. In order to cut the fat, I have taken my favorite suggestions from researchers to create a nightly routine that will be easy to implement.

After you come home from work, have dinner and enjoy some downtime it is time to start preparing for the next day. Organization is the key for a stress free morning. Take time to think about what your plans for the upcoming day include and follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Choose an easy access space to place your items like a visible corner table or desk. By placing your keys and materials/ laptop bag in predictable location you will prevent last minute scrambling making it easy to grab and go. 


2. After you’ve prepared your work materials it is time to think about your outfit. Once you have selected your outfit it is time to iron your shirt/pants if necessary and clean/shine your shoes. Next, set aside the outfit in your closet or hang it up on the back of your door for easy access.


3. Write a to-do list with 3 items. Three might seem like a small number however, it helps you wake up with purpose and goals to complete. Extensive to-do lists can be overwhelming, causing you to feel disappointed for not being able to achieve your daily goal. Be realistic, set your priorities and feel the sense of accomplishment as you cross off items on your list. 

By implementing these three steps into a nightly routine you will reduce the amount of time you need to get ready, helping you avoid unneeded stress. When your alarm goes off in the morning you will be ready to take on the day. You will walk out your front door looking your best, with 3 goals to knockout, plus have time to spare for the morning coffee pitstop.


Master The Art of Summer Style

Michael Burton

Dressing for the summer can be a challenge with the heat. How do you look your best without sweating or being uncomfortable? No one likes checking their armpits, feeling the sweat dripping down your back or having swamp ass. We have a solution. Below we have put together some pieces to help you stay cool and stylish in the heat. 

Short Sleeve Button-Downs: 

Replace the old T-shirts and keep your style on point this season with short sleeve button-downs.



Linen Shirts: 

Lighten up your shirting fabric this summer with Linen. It’s the ideal shirt to wear on a hot summer day. *Disclaimer* Linen wrinkles easily so it’s best to wear it casually. 





The appropriate fit for men’s shorts has changed over the years, so take note: they should be short enough so the knees are visible, but long enough that you’re not showing last summer’s tan line.


White Denim: 

Diversify your summer wardrobe with white denim. Once you find the perfect fit, hit the tailor to make sure they are raised and tapered at the ankle to show off some skin with your loafers. 




After finding the right pair of white denim it's time to shop for the right pair of shoes, and loafers are a great option as they don’t require socks. Formal option: Penny loafers or Casual option: Driving loafers.


Sleeve Rolling 101

Michael Burton


Historically, men would roll up their sleeves when getting ready to work. At that time shirts were expensive and they would roll up their sleeves to preserve it. Nowadays, rolling up the sleeves can have the same purpose as well as, adding convenience and style. It’s the easiest way to escape the heat when you cannot change shirts and still provides a crisp casual look. There are four techniques that you can use to master the art of rolling up your sleeves:

The Basic Roll

This technique is the easiest way to roll up your sleeves. However, the downside is it will leave a few wrinkles. 

  1. Unbutton cuffs 
  2. Fold the cuffs inside out
  3. Keep rolling up until desired sleeve length

The Casual Roll

This technique has the advantage of not wrinkling your shirt as it has less foldings. Meaning, if at any point you feel like unfolding your sleeve it will still look good. The casual roll is the best way to fold while wearing layers. 

  1. Unbutton cuffs 
  2. Fold the cuffs inside out
  3. Roll it up one more time 
  4. Tuck the corners in for a clean look

The Master or Italian Roll

This fold is one the favorites as it is easy to adjust and stays in place. Plus, once this roll is in place there’s no need to pull your sleeves up all the time. 

  1. Unbutton cuffs 
  2. Roll up the sleeves until beneath the elbow
  3. Fold the bottom of the already folded sleeve again until it covers the cuffs
  4. Leave it that way or fold it as many times as you want after that


The Band or Garter Roll

This classic prohibition era sleeve roll provides a nice clean look without folding your cuffs. All you need is a sleeve band or a sleeve garter.

  1. Place sleeve band in the upper part of your sleeve
  2. Pull up your sleeve a few inches, enough to cover the sleeve band 
  3. Cover the sleeve band 



The Tony Awards Best Dressed

Michael Burton

This past weekend Broadway was celebrated at the Tony Awards ceremony, GQ magazine called it "the most stylish red carpet of any awards show we've seen in 2016."  

Two standouts from the event were Brandon Victor Dixon on a blue David Hart tux and the host of the show James Corden on a burgundy Burberry tux. Take a lesson from these two gents to add color to your formal wear as they made GQ's best dressed list.


It's Loafer Time

Michael Burton

When spring turns into summer socks become a nuisance. It's hot and sticky so let's ditch digging through the sock drawer for a matching pair (my favorite morning ritual). If done right, loafers are a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

A couple quick tips to step up your loafer game...

1.) Wear pants that show your ankle. That's right, wear floods. 

*Disclaimer- All of my fair-skinned friends, you might get some odd looks if your ankles haven't seen sun for 6 months. If that is the case, I have a solution. Invest in the Tan Towel called "Look Good Naked" to take your ankle game to the next level. (Click here to buy)

2.) Prevent sweating with Terry Cloth Inserts
(Click here to buy)




3.) A pair of Cedar Wood Shoe Trees will help fight odor by drying up the moisture in your loafer. (Click here to buy)

Great Gifts for your Guy

Michael Burton

This holiday season buy your guy a gift that he will use and love for years to come.

A common theme when gift shopping is, "I never know what to buy him, he has everything." With that in mind we chose three gifts that the everyday male could use and most likely does not own.

1.) Ted Baker Weekend Bag

It's simple - when traveling, travel in style.

2.) Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System

Bottomline, skincare is important, especially when it comes to your face. Let's get rid of those pesky blackheads and have beautiful skin with Clarisonic.

3.) Cole Haan Shoe Trees

Do you hang up suit after every wear? Let's do the same with your dress shoes. Prevent your shoes from creasing and eliminate odors with shoes trees.


Michael Burton

There is a special time of year that allows us to showcase our wardrobe without compromise called fall. No more worrying about being too hot and sweating through your clothes, the season of layering has begun. Where is your layering game at this fall? Below you will find a versatile look that you can utilize during autumn.



This outfit provides a versatile fall look that is perfect for a weekend getaway.

1.) Shawl Cardigan - Jcrew
2.) Chambray Shirt - Jcrew
3.) Quilted Vest - Jcrew
4.) Moleskin Chinos - Banana Republic
5.) Cap Toe Dress Shoes - Zara Man